Collection: Eye Care

The skin surrounding the eye area needs proper care and attention, as it is thin and delicate , and is always susceptible to damage.

 The eye area is where the symptoms of aging become easily visible. Eye products are specially formulated to be used in this delicate skin region and address the ageing problems associated with it.

Eye creams and serums aim in solving different types of eye related problems such as dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines and so on.

Eye cream Application Tips

1. Apply the right quantity. Don't overdo it as with all creams more does not mean better. In fact if you apply too much cream (whether on the face or eyes) you just end up clogging the pores of the skin. This is more true when it comes to the delicate area around the eyes. Also, there is the possibility that too much application of the eye cream or serum will make your eyes sting followed by burning sensation.

2. Apply the cream gently. The area around the eyes is gentle and delicate area and as such you must apply the cream in a gentle and delicate way.

3. Dot over the eye area. Instead of applying cream in straight manner, make little dots with the eye cream or serum and massage them with small motions with very little pressure.