Collection: Bust Care

Aging, pregnancy, genetics, breastfeeding, and even the law of gravity, are things that can affect breasts in a negative way, make them look saggy and loose.

Maintaining a firm bust and a radiant decollete is a major concern for all women. The breast is not a muscle but an extremely fragile gland whose suspension, uphold and support mainly depend on the elasticity of its skin envelope: in fact, the breasts closely follow the movements of the skin.

Continually subjected to the effects of gravity, the bust also undergoes changes due to skin aging as well as to internal and external factors such as hormonal episodes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause), sudden variations in weight, or sun exposure.

All these factors may be responsible for a sagging bust - a problem which is also called mammary ptosis.

The sagging of the bust often goes along with the appearance of skin damage in the decollete area (brown spots, dehydration, "sun-parched skin").

It is very important therefore to take care of the breast and decolette area with the right products that can provide nourishment, moisture and increased support for a more firm, and well nourished breast and decolette area.