Collection: Cleansers and Lotions

Cleansers and lotions are the beginning of a good daily skin care regime.

The importance of daily cleansing cannot be overlooked! Equally important is that cleansing is done using products that are suitable for your skin type. Daily cleansing removes accumulated dirt, bacteria, sweat, air pollution, excess oils and offers light exfoliation which in turn promotes circulation.

Before you begin you daily regime, clean your hands to prevent the transfer of bacteria to your face. It sounds basic but it is an often overlooked step.

Begin by applying your cleansing milk or cream and continue with light circular massage motions over the face, lips, and neck. Once finished, rinse your face with cool or tepid water (neither too hot or too cold). Why? Because extremely hot or cold water may break sensitive capillaries in the skin.

Tonic Lotions

Skin toners and lotions are an equally important part of daily cleansing. They are essential for removing any leftover residues of the cleansing milk, they close the pores and tighten the skin. Most importantly though, toners restore the skin natural pH balance.

Skin toners and lotions are best applied using a cotton ball, and can be applied to face and neck and even the decollate area, but always avoiding the eye area. Again, for the eye area special eye make up remover lotions must be used.


1. Please note that eye make up should only be removed with specially formulated products and not with the usual cleansing milk or cream.

2. Never, ever use ordinary soap to clean your face, no matter what the various advertisements say. Almost all ordinary soaps are too harsh and dry out the skin. This in turn leaves the skin exposed to bacteria, cellular damage, and very prone to fine lines and wrinkles due to the lack of moisture.