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Clarifying Cleansing Lotion 3 x 1 250 ml

Clarifying Cleansing Lotion 3 x 1 250 ml

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Unique 3 in 1 Face Cleansing!

Cleans, removes makeup, produces a gentle exfoliation and provides vitality. Removes impurities, traces of makeup and dead cells, stimulating cell renewal and revitalization. Refines skin texture, reduces pores and brings clarity and brightness to the skin.

In a single pass it will tone, enhances natural exfoliation, cellular renewal, and favors the penetration of active ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. The result is a clean, fresh, clear and bright skin.


APPLICATION - Apply daily, morning and night, soaking a cotton pad and smooth movements emulsify all impurities and traces of makeup.


Active Ingredients:


Rich in purified oligosaccharides from nopal, stimulates the activity of skin enzymes involved in the natural exfoliation process. It favors cell renewal and reduces lines and wrinkles.


Extract of a Korean plant, rich in group B vitamins, stimulates cell renewal and blood circulation, restores elasticity, luminosity and infuses skin with energy.


Known as the queen of the beehive products, Royal Jelly is very  rich in amino acids and trace elements, it contains vitamin D, copper and sulfur. On a cellular level, it activates the consumption of oxygen and increases the resistance to the aggressions skin is exposed to. It enhances cellular vitality by increasing skin defense system. Improves hydration, provides vitality and radiance. At all  helps the skin to become even, brighter and more radiant.


A micellar solution that combines biomimetic lipophilic and hydrophilic active ingredients similar to those naturally present in the skin and involved in the moisturization of the skin. It re-creates and complements the natural barrier effect of the skin, for enhanced freshness of all skin-types, even the most sensitive ones.

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