Collection: Rosa Graf Thalasso

The Thalasso Line is based on the Gracilaria & Laminaria Algae. Rich in metal elements, trace elements, salts, amino acids and vitamins . Very high in moisturizing elements that tones and tightens the skin. The skin becomes more elastic, soft and supple. The algae empowers the skin defenses against environmental factors (free radicals). Very powerful but cost effective therapies for the beauty professional.

 Why are THALASSO products so pure?

Due to the spin of the earth around its axis and around the sun, various forces act upon the surface of the earth and its atmosphere. As a result some very amazing phenomena take place. One such phenomenon is the Benguela Current that is present off the western shores of Africa - off of Namibia.  The BENGUELA current is the cleanest on the planet because it recycles itself continuously around the planet.  This makes the waters outside Namibia exceptionally rich in marine products and their derivatives such alagae, mud, sea salt, etc.  The most important factor that plays a huge role in the fact that the Thalasso products are so pure, is the fact that the south-south easterly winds cause drought in the region and as such in the western side of Namibia we have a huge desert that meets the sea. There are no  settlements, natural rivers or industries-agriculture,  that could contaminate the waters with toxic wastes, which is something that has been taking place for a number of years in the north atlantic, western shores of the Pacific ocean, in rivers and lakes in Europe, as well as in closed seas such as the Dead sea and the Black sea.

And Please Note: Thallasso Products and therapies DO NOT SMELL BAD like most other products in the market. In fact, they smell like the sea!

Please be advised of the contra indications when using pure thalasso algae products.

Thalasso therapies are not to be performed on persons
that suffer from the following: 

  • Glandular disease (i.e. hyperthyroidism and goitres persons)
  • Intolerability of iodine, iodine allergy
  • Infectious diseases
  • Inflammatory skin diseases / open wounds
  • Heart diseases and blood circulatory problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Heavy depressions
  • Varicose veins
  • Asthma
  • Tumors
  • Treatments after the 5th month of pregnancy