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Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Eye Cream 25 ml

Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Eye Cream 25 ml

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This is a very soft, easily absorbed emulsion that gives you a feeling of freshness with an immediate, slight tensing effect, improving the eye surround in the long term.

It has a micro-relaxing effect on the facial muscles (similar to Botox). A rich-textured, gentle, quickly absorbed and hypoallergenic cream.It is formulated specifically for the eyelids, the area around the eyes and even around the lips. All these areas are constantly subjected to movements.

  • It removes expression wrinkles and has an immediate flash effect.
  • It increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and the regeneration of the epidermis.
  • It moisturises, regenerates and softens this very fine and delicate skin area.
  • "Botox-like" effect that minimises "crows' feet" which form with repeated facial movements.
  • It has an immediate firming effect thanks to the soya proteins.


HOW TO USE: Apply daily at night using circular movements and gentle "dabbing" until it is completely absorbed.


Active Ingredients:

SHEA BUTTER: An emollient rich in unsaturates, which increases the regeneration of the epidermis and is a powerful soothing agent for chemical or environmental aggressions.

BOTANICAL SOYA PROTEIN SERUM: This provides an immediate firming effect (similar to albumin serum) and a long-term anti-wrinkle, repairing and regenerating effect.

ARGIRELINE: Hexapeptide with a "botox-like" effect. It reduces the depth of the wrinkles, mainly those caused by the contraction of the facial expression muscles. It stops ageing caused by the repetition of facial movements.

HIBISCIN: Botanical milk from the exotic tropical hibiscus fruit. With aminogrammes very similar to those of milk casein, it increases the level of moisturisation to the corneous layer, so improving the softness and comfort of the skin.

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