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Anti Fatigue Eye Cream for Bags and Dark Circles 25 ml

Anti Fatigue Eye Cream for Bags and Dark Circles 25 ml

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It drains and decongests the eye contour area. elasticity reinforcement and recovery for a better toned and oxygenated skin. It improves dark coloration, with an evident reduction of bags and dark circles.

Eliminates venous circulation metabolic leftovers to decongest the area around the eyes. It combats edematous accumulations that cause bags (eye puffiness). It increases dermal density, thanks a tetrapeptide active ingredient that inhibits dermis macromolecules enzymatic degradation.

 Full rich formula that protects and takes care of delicate type of skin as it is eye contour area. Fast absorption emulsion which contains a marine origin tetrapeptide that fights against dark circles and bag around eyes, while giving softness and elasticity. The marine active ingredient mix, drains,  decongests and reduces dark and red circles. Furthermore, it  protects the sensitive eye area against environmental aggressions.

The Anti Fatigue Eye Cream for Bags and Circles boosts the skin's microcirculation, increases skin elasticity,moisturizes and stimulates collagen synthesis.

The result is that the eye contour is moisturized and protected for a radiant and brighter look.

Application:  Apply daily in the morning or at night using circular movements and light "taps" until it is completely absorbed.


 Active Ingredients:

EYESERIL: Tetra-peptide that reduces bags and dark circles. Powerful draining and anti-edema effect that increases the skin's elasticity and softness.  Prevents liquid retention in bags around the eyes, avoiding loss of skin elasticity.

PALMARIA PALMATA: Red family seaweed active ingredeitn that helps increasing skin microcirculation allowing a toxin draining process responsible of eye contour congestion.

DERMOCHLORELA: Green family seaweed extract rich in proteins and amino acids. It has an efficient effect on delicate eye contour skin area skin. Increases collagen formation and decreases colour intensity of dark circles .

TREHALOSE: Disacarid that works as a natural powerful protector in adverse environmental conditions keeping moist in skin.

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Customer Reviews

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I love it!

Thank you, a true eye-saver for me. 8-10 hours a day staring at a computer screen really takes it's toll on my eyes. I have seen considerable improvement in puffiness under the eyes.