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Vitamin A Concentrate Ampoules 6 x 2 ml

Vitamin A Concentrate Ampoules 6 x 2 ml

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The Vitamin A Ampoule is used to correct extremely dry skin which is under functioning. Vitamin A will activate the sebaceous glands and heal flaky, chapped and reddened skin, caused by environmental damage- e.g. winter winds.

Six ampoules over winter will protect skin from environmental damage.

Each ampoule contains 13000 IU of Vitamin A. It is allergy-tested, and free from irritating substances.


Application: This ampoule can also be used on parchment skin where deterioration is evident because of illness. Combine with Lady Esther Vitamin A Cream Art. No.: 11985519. It may be infused with steam. Use once a week, either as a night treatment or infuse under a hot towel. Can be applied daily to localised chapping.

Important: The contents are applied externally. Thoroughly cleanse and tone face, neck and neckline as usual with Lady Esther cleansing preparations prior to application.

Break off the ampoule at the breaking- ring. Massage the content of the ampoule with the fingertips into the skin, using gentle movements. Treat the delicate eye area and mouth area with special care since the skin in these areas has a natural tendency to wrinkle.

Main ingredients: Retinyl Palmitate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Avocado Oil

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