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Vitamin A body Milk 250 ml

Vitamin A body Milk 250 ml

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Lady Esther Vitamin A Body Milk has a nourishing and skin-smoothing effect, especially on dry skin.

Vitamin A Body Milk is an exclusive body care product for a smooth and soft skin, containing vitamin A, a well known and exceptionally effective product for dry and chapped skin. It normalizes horny skin due to its rich and moisturizing texture.
With increasing age, the body skin also becomes drier. Demanding skin requires sophisticated care.

Vitamin A is the classic active ingredient for the care of dry, chapped skin and normalizes excess cornification. Argan oil and shea butter give the body milk a moisturizing component.

The Lady Esther Vitamin A Body Milk has a rich texture with a selected composition of active ingredients without parabens and without mineral oils.

In addition to vitamin A, it contains the valuable Argan oil, and the super moisturizing and smoothing Shea butter.

It is paraben and mineral oil free.


Usage: Use daily after bath or shower. Apply more frequently to the more dry body parts (elbows, etc)

Active Ingredients: Argan oil, Sheabutter, Vitamin A, E B6

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