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Aquasphera Triple Action Intensive Night Cream 80 ml

Aquasphera Triple Action Intensive Night Cream 80 ml

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Night nourishing emulsion containing papain for a light exfoliation. Moisturizes and keeps natural skin barrier in optimal conditions, as a result increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. The papain makes a soft enzymatic peeling keeping renewal rate of skin corneous extract.

The result is a soft, protected and fully nourished skin.

For normal, dry and dehydrated skin.


HOW TO USE: Apply at night after cleansing and massage until it is fully absorbed.


Main Active Ingredients:


Molecular film especially designed to achieve optimal release of papain, a proteolytic enzyme which selectively breaks down the corneodesmosomal links of damaged or dead cells. It prevents skin roughness and dryness, improving desquamation. It increases overall skin hydration, keeping epidermis natural barrier function thanks to its unique compound "Natural Hydration Factor".


Low molecular weight ingredient. Thanks to its small dimensions is able to penetrate in depth on skin. Its boosts macromolecule extracellular matrix mould increasing skin elasticity and water power retention.


Coming from natural bush seed oil, jojoba has a powerful emollient action that increases moist on skin avoiding dryness.


Esterols are Essential to keep human natural skin barrier in optimal conditions. When it comes to mature skin, esterol loss will make visible skin ageing. An extra esterol support in the formula will definitively restore the lipidic balance which is fighting against skin ageing.

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