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Thalasso hand 50 ml

Thalasso hand 50 ml

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This rich cream for your stressed hands intensively cares for the damaged skin and provides it with a protective film. Your hands are sustainably protected from stress.

  • Light and pleasantly scented hand care
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Regenerates stressed hands and provides lasting moisture through algae extracts


Active Ingredients

Algae extract - Algae that are extracted from the depths of the oceans are less or not contaminated with environmental toxins. Algae have a high mineral content. They moisturize the skin optimally, have a balancing and regenerating effect.

Sea-salt - The high content of minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, chloride, bromide and silica, is responsible for the fact that the sea salt relaxes the skin and stimulates the self-healing powers.

Urea - is a natural moisturizing factor. Urea splits the hydrogen bonds in the protein chains of the keratin and, in low concentrations, facilitates the binding of the water by keratin. This makes the skin smooth and supple.

Vitamin E - is also called "cell protection vitamin". It protects against oxidation, so it is an excellent free radical scavenger. It increases the resistance of the skin, invigorates it and prevents premature skin aging through an improved skin surface structure and an increased moisture retention capacity of the horny layer.

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