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TENSILIFT Super Lifting Day Cream 50 ml

TENSILIFT Super Lifting Day Cream 50 ml

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Anti-Ageing Βotanics

A fresh emulsion very rich in vegetable stem cells that restore firmness and skin elasticity while diminishing deep wrinkles.

The end result is a moisturized and firmed skin with great comfort feeling. Suitable for all skin types specially those which lack elasticity and firmness.

Product Features:

  • Lifts and firms the skin.
  • Contains powerful anti-oxidant & protective substances which favour the cell repairing processes.
  • Avoids cutaneous ageing and visibly reduces wrinkles.
  • Moisturizes and protects skin from ultraviolet radiations with a relevant anti-imflammtory action.
  • Increases elastin synthesis and general skin elasticity


Usage: On cleansed face , in the morning. Apply on face, neck, and decolette.


Main Active Ingredients


As time goes by, new skin stem cells formation decreases, while existing stem cells become less active. This is on of the main causes of skin ageing. PhyCelltec Malus domestica stem cells are obtained from the rare local Swiss Apple fruit liposome. preparation. They provide a protective effect on cells helping them to maintain their natural properties and thus delaying the ageing processes.

Natural Skin Stem cell Longevity protector, Delays senescence of essential cells, Increases stem cell vitality, Fights against chronological skin ageing.


Manilkara multinervis leaves extract is obtained from a local african tree called Manilkara. This is a very well known African tree that produces a great recovery of skin formness and elasticity.

Increases elastin synthesis.

Protects from elastin degradation inhibiting elastase.

Antiglication effect (glication is one of the processes which contribute to the rigidity of the skin).


Obtained from Vitis vinifera (grape fruit) with a high antioxidant and DNA protector effect. It stimulates sirtuine fibroblasts production and aged keratocites. Sirtuines are natural human body skin proteins that extend the cells life cells resveratrol has a powerful anti ageing effect reducing deep wrinkles.


Rich source of unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 9. Very high content in antioxidant E vitamin, Orinazol and Ferric Acid. Anti-imflammatory activity minimizing skin redness.


Encapsulated vesicles formed by glucosphingolipds that create an occlusive nano-film on the skin boosting the effect of its main active ingredients.

The main ingredients inside the film are Hyaluronic acid , and B-glucan extracted from barley extract. Through this film, skin gets permanently and long term moisturized while strengthening the lipic barrier. In addition the Aquafill film immediately refills wrinkles and refines skin pores.

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