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Sun and Snow Lip Care SSS6 15 ml

Sun and Snow Lip Care SSS6 15 ml

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The perfect lip protection winter and summer!

LADY ESTHER Sun & Snow Lip Care SSF 6, special product for dry lips with shea butter and sun protection factor 6.

Winter sports put the skin and lips in an extreme situation. Radiation-intensive sun, the reflection power of the snow, cold down to minus degrees and of course the wind are often causes of brittle, cracked or even inflamed lips. But the lips are also at risk during a holiday in the sun or sunbathing because they have no subcutaneous fatty tissue, no pigmentation and no calluses. Lips are extremely sensitive to all environmental influences and therefore require special protection.

The Sun & Snow Lip Care contains camphor and peppermint oil. They have a disinfecting and blood circulation effect. And therefore prevent unwanted cold sores.

Shea butter contains vitamins E and F. Despite the high fat content, shea butter is oil-free and has natural sun protection properties.

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