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Special Throat Care 200 ml

Special Throat Care 200 ml

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The throat is often a problem zone and sometimes gives us a clue as to the age of the person. Posture, sleeping position and, of course, the characteristics are responsible for the throat tissue.

The skin on the throat is often subjected to harsh treatment, especially in winter when scarves are worn, and may become rough.

This pleasantly light fluid is absorbed quickly and gives the skin a tighter appearance after a very short time.

The special composition of Super Throat Care contains Aosaine, an active ingredient in algae that makes the skin more elastic, and Phycol EC, another active ingredient in algae which tightens the skin.  

In addition to the area of the neck, Super Throat Care is suitable for the neckline and breast area.

Application: Apply to cleansed skin and massage with gentle movements without stretching the skin tissue. In case of intensive wrinkle formation, apply every morning and evening, and once or twice a week as a neck pack. Apply a thick layer of Fluid Throat Care . Cover up with a wet hot compress and allow to take effect for 12- 20 minutes.

Main ingredients: horse chestnut extracts, hamamelis extract cutavit complex (vitamins A-E-F ), Aosaine, a hydrolysate from the algae Ulva Rigida, Phycol EC, a green algae extract ( Enteromorpha Compressa )

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