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Special Offer - Hyaluron Cream with 3 FREE Ampoules 50ml + Hyaluron Eye Gel 15 ml

Special Offer - Hyaluron Cream with 3 FREE Ampoules 50ml + Hyaluron Eye Gel 15 ml

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A great offer on 2 excellent products with hyaluronic acid.  The Hyaluron Cream 50 ml with 3 FREE hyaluron ampules and the Hyaluron Eye Gel 15 ml! Complete face, neck and decollete care!

1. Hyaluron Cream with 3 FREE Hyaluron Ampules

HA exists naturally in the human body and in all living organisms and it is part of the body's connective tissue.  

It is a component of glycosamine glycanes (GAG's), is embedded between the collagen network and elastin fibers as a filler substance and fixates the moisture/fullness (moisture balance and turgor) and supporting proteins and elasticity of the skin.

During the course of our life, our body produces less and less Hyaluronic Acid. So for example by the age of 40 it produces only about 50%, while at age 60, the production falls to about 10%

 The functions of Hyaluronic acid are numerous. These include the following:

  • Immunological resistance
  • Regulation of cellular growth processes
  • Healing of wounds
  • Trapping radicals (e.g. from UV radiation)
  • Reduction of oxidative stress by catalase activation (catalase diminishes radicals)
  • Improvement of the moisture retention of the skin (HA can bind a thousand times its weight of water!)
  • Transportation of nutrients
  • Evacuation of breakdown products
  • Impact on keratinocyte differentiation (resulting in even skin descaling and epidermis renewal / improved skin integrity)

The Hyaluron Cream offers the following:

  • 24-hours care for demanding skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid accumulates with the keratin of the horny skin layer a close alliance and saves the moisture there.
  • Fast and enduring skin smoothness with a high moisture accumulation
  • An extremely comfortable cream consistency because of the silk protein it contains

 Application: Distribute on the cleaned face in the morning and evening. Use in combination with the hyaluron ampoules once per week


2. Hyaluron Eye Gel 15 ml

The Hyaluron Eye Gel is a light and fat free eye gel specially designed to provide complete care and for the sensitive area around the eyes.

It provides a cooling effect around the eye area.

The Meristem extracts it contains, reduces puffiness and aids in drainage of the area, while the Hyaluron acid with its superb water retention ability moisturizes and eliminates fine micro wrinkles around the eye area. 

The gel leaves no sticky feeling and is the ideal eye make-up base.

The pH of the gel is 7 and is adjusted to the pH of tear fluid.

Usage:  Apply morning and evening to the cleansed skin around the eyes. Warning: Avoid direct eye contact!



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