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Silky Control 15 ml

Silky Control 15 ml

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Do you struggle with acne and want a quick and easy solution? Then you need Silky Control Stick, the ultimate spot treatment that zaps your pimples and inflammations in no time.

Silky Control Stick has an antibacterial effect, and is used for the localised treatment of pimples and inflammations. Existing impurities of the skin fade away quickly, and reddening does not develop into pimples. . Silky Control Stick is a natural and powerful formula that uses the best ingredients to fight bacteria, inflammation, and impurities that cause breakouts.

Here’s what makes Silky Control Stick so effective:

  • It disinfects and dries out your pimples with alcohol, preventing them from spreading or getting infected.

  • It kills the acne-causing bacteria with potent antiseptics

  • It soothes and heals your skin with farnesol and bisabolol, natural components of essential oils that have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and skin-lightening properties.

  • It moisturizes and exfoliates your skin with betainlactate, a combination of betaine and lactic acid that also balances your skin’s pH and improves its texture and appearance.

  • It unclogs your pores and stimulates blood circulation with grandilase, a natural enzyme that also enhances your skin’s health and glow.

Silky Control Stick is gentle and safe for all skin types, as it is free from irritating substances that can aggravate your skin condition.

It is easy to use - Just dab on the affected areas several times a day and watch your pimples and inflammations fade away quickly.

With Silky Control Stick, you can enjoy a silky smooth and flawless complexion in no time. Don’t wait, order yours today and see the difference for yourself. You deserve it.


Application: Dab on affected areas several times a day.


Main Ingredients: Alcohol, cetylpyridinium chloride, farnesol, bisabolol, biosulphur, betainlactate, grandilase 

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