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Premier Peeling Radiance Vitamin C 60 ml

Premier Peeling Radiance Vitamin C 60 ml

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Skin stress and lack of oxygenation signs reduction for a suppler, more compact, radiant, brighter and younger looking complexion. It gives skin fresh, clean and incredibly soft touch feeling.

Formulated to perfom a highly effective and gentle exfoliation, to promote cell renewal and to refine skin texture through physical or mechanical action.

Gently polishes, refines skin, facilitating the removal of corneocytes in the phase of detachment. Improves the appearance of skin’s texture while delivering major hydration and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Exfoliation makes skin better prepared to maximize absorption of actives ingredients and better prepared to improve the efficacy of the subsequently applied care products.

How to use - For complimentary home regimen use. After cleansing and toning routine, apply once (twice, under profesional recommendation) on face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye contour area. Massage with light circular motions for one or two minutes and rinse off with warm water.


Main Ingredients

BAMBOO EXFOLIATOR: Particles obtained by grinding bamboo stalks of about 500 cm in size. It exfoliates mechanically to encourage the removal of dead cells and impurities, refining the texture of the skin, improving cell renewal and the penetration of the treatment products.

 VITAMIN C-SILANOL: Instant skin brightener, it moisturises and activates collagen synthesis. An action that links the free radicals in the aqueous part.- 

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