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Moisturizing Mask 200 ml

Moisturizing Mask 200 ml

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Please note that this is a cabin size product - Intented for cabin use by beauty professionals


MOISTURISING MASK is for all skins with a moisture deficiency

 The Lady Esther Moisturizing Mask is a refreshing, soft, cooling mask containing Collagen. It has a moisture regulating effect, while providing nourishment for the skin, making it an excellent balancing skin care preparation.

The Lady Esther Moisturizing Mask gently extracts pollutants., and eliminates all deficiencies attributed to an insufficient moisture content of the skin. The skin becomes soft and supple.

It is allergy-tested and free from irritating substances.


APPLICATION: Use 2-3 times a week, depending on the skin’s condition. Apply generously to cleansed face and neck areas. The mask stays soft and is almost completely absorbed by the skin. After 10-20 minutes, tissue off or rinse off with lukewarm water. Apply mask also to lips. Also an ideal hand mask.

 Collapur (Collagen), Calendula, Moisturising Factor 11, Wheatgerm Oil

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