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Hydrosphere H2O 80 ml

Hydrosphere H2O 80 ml

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From the first application, skin recovers hydration levels, with an evident improvement of desquamation and redness. A better hydrated, fresher and softer skin.

Moisturizing products play an important role in the everyday care of the skin. Their job is to assist the functions of the sebum, thus protecting the skin from excessive moisture loss.

A good moisturizer can be used on the face, forehead, neck and throat, décolleté, and anywhere the skin feels hard and stretched.

Emulsion in spheres with enormous moisturizing powers, perfectly held in suspension within a transparent gel.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid accelerates extracellular matrix macromolecules synthesis and acts as an epidermal hydration fixation agent to reverse water deficit. Repairs and strengthens skin barrier function. Increases skin elasticity. It calms and helps to reduce the inflammations caused by environmental aggressions.

  • It retains the water your skin requires for normal equilibrium 
  • Provides an immediate injection of humidity as well as deep moisturizing to the skin.
  • it protects your cutis from solar radiation.
  • Suitable for all skin types it is particularly ideal for dehydrated, dry or damaged skins.
  • Enables the auto regulation of moisture depending on the need of each zone. (Driest zones, apply more spheres, greasy zones, apply more gel).



HOW TO USE: Apply 4 or 5 balls plus gel daily on the cleansed face. TIP: For dry areas you can use only the cream part, and for more oily areas use primarily the gel. 


Active Ingredients:

LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT SODIUM HYLURONATE: Due to its size is capable of going straight to the skin. Speeds up the synthesis of extra cellular matrix macromolecules and increases the elasticity and retention power of those.

 UVB FILTER: Slight UVB protection.

 BISABOLOL: Purified camomile solution, which has a soothing and anti inflammation activity.

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Helena Svěráková


We are so happy that the Hydrosphera H2O has met your expectations. It is always a pleasure to serve you! We wish you all the best!