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Hyaluron Ampoules (6 x 2 ml)

Hyaluron Ampoules (6 x 2 ml)

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Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the human skin structure (and other areas) where they attract and retain moisture. As we grow older there is less and less production of hyaluronic acid produced and as a result the skin begis to gradually loose it’s moisture retaining abilities


The advantages of the Hyaluron ampoule are:


  • In combination with the keratin layer, hyaluronic acid begins to restore the moisture levels of the skin.
  • It is very effective against wrinkles due to it’s moisture retaining ability.
  • It is recommended particularly for demanding, aged skins.


Application: Apply to the cleansed skin in the morning or in the evening. Can be used on face, neck & decolette.

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