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OXIDANCE Antioxidant regenerating Night Cream VIT. C + C 50 ML

OXIDANCE Antioxidant regenerating Night Cream VIT. C + C 50 ML

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Important decongestive and soothing action of redness.

Increased skin tone with evident reduction of wrinkles, pigment spots and other signs of age.

Improvement of skin repair processes with reduction of marks, caused by different problems.

Total recovery of hydration levels for visibly brighter, even skin, with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

Α rich texture, fast absorption cream . It is specifically formulated for the night treatment of skins subjected to environmental aggressions, such as pollution and solar radiation, which cause premature aging.

Blocks and neutralizes free radicals, the result of the metabolic functions of skin cells (ROS and RNS). Increases oxygenation and activates peripheral circulation. Maintains and fixes moisture between keratinocytes. Stimulates cellular mitosis thus accelerating skin regeneration.

The moisturizing actives act on several levels both to preserve optimal levels of hydration, both on the surface and in the deeper layers, as well as to enhance the mechanisms of tissue regeneration. Optimizes the use of oxygen by cells to bring energy to the mitochondrial level. Reactivates peripheral circulation, stimulating skin repair processes.

Exceptional for the treatment of skins with signs of oxidative stress, damaged skin, skin aging, pigmented spots and redness.


Application: At night, apply to the face, neck and décolleté, after cleansing, toning and after application of the Serum Antioxidant Intense Protection Vit C + C.

Main Ingredients :
A stabilised ascorbic acid derivative produced from Vitamin C and starch hydrolyzed by α-glucosidase, an enzyme present in the membrane of skin cells. This process releases vitamin C in its natural active form. When vitamin C enters cells it results in biological responses with beneficial physiological effects to the cells and tissues in a constant and sustained manner. AA2G™ remains in its stable condition until it is applied on the skin, where it is activated by natural enzymes in the skin, delivering healthier and younger looking skin over a prolonged time period. It is also used as a skin-lightening, brightening and anti-wrinkle agent in daily moisturizing and sunscreen products to prevent photo-aging.
Artemia Extract is an aqueous extract obtained from Artemia spp. Its active ingredient, GP4G, stimulates a series of protein synthesis such as keratin, filaggrin, collagen and fibronectin.
It acts as an anti-aging, energizing, stimulating and repairing agent. It provides cell oxygenation for an anti-aging efficacy, by producing new collagen. With wrinkle filling effect, thus reduces expression lines´ depth and length. It provides extra radiance.
Hawaiian algae rich in high molecular weight polysaccharides that create a moisture protector film and provide skin a smooth feel and extra comfort.
Is a vegetable oil rich in specific unsaponifiables that protects the skin and repairs damage caused by climatic aggressions, pollution and UV radiations. It provides the skin with unique plant molecules with soothing, regenerating and protective virtues.
Retinol - cellular renovator.
Tocopherol: It has excellent antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing properties. Often used as in anti-aging products as rejuvenating and regenerating agent.
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