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OXIDANCE Antioxidant Multidefense Cream Vit. C+C - SPF 15 50 ml

OXIDANCE Antioxidant Multidefense Cream Vit. C+C - SPF 15 50 ml

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Strengthens the repairing action of the damages produced by environmental action.

Maximum hydration and turgor of the skin to promote the formation of collagen.

It reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Ideal to treat the skins of smokers.

Gently lightens, unifies color and minimizes skin imperfections.


A delicate quickly absorbed anti-ageing day cream.  It is specifically formulated for the treatment of stressed skin, which is subjected to environmental aggressions, such as pollution and solar radiation, which cause premature aging.  It neutralizes free radicals and repairs the cell membrane damaged by their action.

It preserves and stimulates the production of collagen,  fights the signs of ageing,  reduces inflammation and increases skin hydration.

It is the perfect cream for the treatment and care of skins with signs of oxidative stress, dehydration, skin aging and redness


Application:  In the morning, apply to the face, neck and décolleté, after cleansing, toning and application of the Antioxidant Protection Serum Vit C + C.


Main Ingredients 


A stabilised ascorbic acid derivative produced from Vitamin C and starch hydrolyzed by α-glucosidase, an enzyme present in the membrane of skin cells. This process releases vitamin C in its natural active form. When vitamin C enters cells it results in biological responses with beneficial physiological effects to the cells and tissues in a constant and sustained manner. AA2G™ remains in its stable condition until it is applied on the skin, where it is activated by natural enzymes in the skin, delivering healthier and younger looking skin over a prolonged time period. It is also used as a skin-lightening, brightening and anti-wrinkle agent in daily moisturizing and sunscreen products to prevent photo-aging.


A vesicle encapsulation system formed by glycosphingolipids (a molecule composed of carbohydrates and ceramides) that creates a nano-occlusive film on the skin. It improves active principles (hyaluronic acid and beta glucan) absorption and efficacy. This system provides a wide spectrum hydration and reinforces hydro-lipid barrier. It also immediately reduces wrinkles and sharpens skin relief.


Is a 100% natural active ingredient from marshmallow that creates an invisible and breathable cocoon on skin surface to protect it from an aggressive urban environment. In presence of contaminating particles (PM, VOC, carbon), Osmo'city®:
.limits the adhesion on the skin of polluting particles due to the creation of an invisible and non-occlusive botanical film: preventive effect.
.helps their removal after a whole day in urban conditions: curative effect.


Tocopherol: It has excellent antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing properties. Often used as in anti-aging products as rejuvenating and regenerating agent.

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