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Anti Wrinkle Triple Action Day Cream 55 ml

Anti Wrinkle Triple Action Day Cream 55 ml

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OPTIMA - formulated with new generation active ingredients that work synergistically with botanical actives to improve and smooth the appearance of facial wrinkles, and combat premature ageing, improve thick skin and brighten dull skin.

The skin looks rejuvenated, more hydrated, healthy and bright.

Global anti wrinkle and antiageing treatment with coenzyme Q10 and pure wakame extract, that fights against winkles brought about by expression muscles, photo ageing, and age related wrinkles.

Radically improves 3 types of wrinkles: expression, surface and deep wrinkles. It boosts cell metabolism and offers intensive antioxidant action that prevents premature skin ageing.

An ideal treatment for skins exhibiting premature aging, expression wrinkles as well as surface wrinkles, and thick skins. The result is a fresh and hydrated skin.


HOW TO USE: Apply in the morning on cleansed skin massaging gently until fully absorbed.


Main Active Ingredients:

COENZYME Q10 - Catalyzer with several reactions in the respiratory cell chain that takes place in mitochondria of epithelial cell.

Respiratory chain reactions are oxidative by nature since they generate free radicals considered toxic for human cells. Q10 coenzyme is responsible of reducing these free radicals and turning them non toxic at the same time helping to create energy for the same cell. Optima uses a supernatural resource and defense mechanism against the harmful effects of free radicals in particular skin lipids peroxidation caused by an excess of exogenous processes such as sun exposure, pollution mainly causes of premature skin ageing (decreasing wrinkles appearance).

WAKAME EXTRACT (UndariaPinnatifida) -

Japanese origin brown seaweed pure extract active ingredient that deeply restores skin Extracellular Matrix (ECM) by boosting up to 14 genes involved in collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid natural synthesis processes with a powerful global antiageing effect.

AQUAFILL - Encapsulated vesicle complex formed by glucosphingolipids that makes an occlusive nano-film upon skin increasing efficiency of its active ingredients, namely hyaluronic acid and B glucan extracted from natural barley.

The complex provides a long lasting hydration effect and helps for a stronger lipid barrier. Nano film refills immediately wrinkles and refines pores achieving outstanding results also decreasing wrinkles in the long term.

ACETYL-ΗEXAPEPTIDE-3 - Hexapetyde with a cosmetic botox like effect .Relaxes face muscles and reduces in depth wrinkles caused byrepeated daily facial expression movements. Prevents ageing produced by face expression movements.

RICE OIL - Omega 6 and Omega 9 rich polyunsaturated fatty acid oil.Rice oil has as well a high content of powerful antioxidant such as E vitamin, Orinazol and Ferric acid. Besides Orinazol and Ferric acid they are both absorving ultraviolet light (foto-protective effect).Rice fitosterole have great anti inflammatory propertieswhich radically dimishes skin redness caused by environmental causes.

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