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Ampules Bundle Offer

Ampules Bundle Offer

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Stock up on 3 excellent ampule concentrates that can be combined with any cream to take your skin care regime to the next level!


1. Super Regeneration Concentrate 6 x 2 ml

Through the natural ageing process and strong environmental influences, the skin loses soluble collagen. This means moisture deficiency, loss of resilience and wrinkling.

Soluble collagen, which the skin loses can be re-supplied externally in concentrated form by the collapur ampoule Super Regeneration Extract.

This product is a must for women whose skin already shows signs of wrinkles and fatigue and for women having problems with their neck-line (skin is dehydrated, parchment-like). It is to be used when the skin has been especially fatigued by environmental influences (vacation, sun, wind etc.)

Super Regeneration Extract is a proven active intensive treatment with highly concentrated collapur for improving and restoring the resilience and elasticity of the skin. The texture of the epidermis, creases and wrinkles are smoothened out and the binding power for the skin’s moisture is improved.  As a result Super Regeneration Extract counteracts the formation of wrinkles.

 Application:  As a Regeneration Treatment: Apply the contents of one ampoule for seven successive days. Depending on the skin problem, 1-3 packs may be used.

As a protective Treatment: Apply the contents of one ampoule every second day.

As a Restorative Mask: Apply one ampoule once or twice a week. One ampoule is used for each application.

Active ingredients: Collapur, Epigran Vitamin Oil


2. Hyaluron Concentrate 6 x 2 ml

Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the human skin structure (and other areas) where they attract and retain moisture. As we grow older there is less and less production of hyaluronic acid produced and as a result the skin begis to gradually loose it’s moisture retaining abilities

 The advantages of the Hyaluron ampoule are: 

  • In combination with the keratin layer, hyaluronic acid begins to restore the moisture levels of the skin.
  • It is very effective against wrinkles due to it’s moisture retaining ability.
  • It is recommended particularly for demanding, aged skins.


Application: Apply to the cleansed skin in the morning or in the evening. Can be used on face, neck & decolette.


3. Stem Cell Concentrate 6 x 2 ml

Concentrated natural stem cell extract from the Alpine Rose

They provide to the skin vitality, moisture and silky care for a younger looking skin

 The stem cells used in the ART BIO line and in the concentrated ampoules, come from the Apline Rose and they significantly increase the vitality of the skin's own stem cells.

In this way the prolong the skin's stem cells active period and contribute to the regeneration of the skin.

The proven protein dehydrin is responsible for the protective function and the ability to store water. Two important aspects for demanding skin care. Stem cells generally have a high ability to divide. It serves to activate the regeneration mechanism. The result is an active ingredient cosmetic for cell protection and cell renewal of the skin.

Suitable for all skin types

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