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24 DAYS AMPULE TREATMENT 24 x 2 ml - Skin Rejuvenation

24 DAYS AMPULE TREATMENT 24 x 2 ml - Skin Rejuvenation

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The New Ampule Combination from Lady Esther for Perfectly Renewed Skin in 24 Days

This package includes 6 different ampoules for complete intensive skin care. For best results, it is recommended to follow a 24-day regiment, applying the ampoules in the following order.


Day 1

Hyaluron - In combination with keratin, hyaluronic acid restores moisture to the corneal layer of the skin. Very effective in fighting wrinkles due to its extremely good moisture-retaining properties.

Day 2

Caviar Extract - Rich in nutrients and ingredients such as amino acids, proteins, lipids, and vitamins. Boosts the growth of collagen tissues, and helps the micro-circulation of the skin resulting in firm skin.

Day 3

Anti Aging Concentrate - Contains Matrixyl which activates and significantly increases the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, while Gingo extract acts against aging skin and inhibits the action of free radicals.

Day 4

Stem Cell Concentrate - Concentrated natural stem cell extract from the Alpine Rose which significantly increase the vitality of the skin's own stem cells. They provide to the skin vitality, moisture and silky care for a younger looking skin.

Day 5

Super Regeneration Extract - Effective anti-wrinkle ampoule and retores skin elasticity. Necessary for skins that show signs of wrinkles and fatigue, and for particular problems with the neck area (such as dehydration).

Day 6

Split Second Tightener - You'll be amazed at the immediately visible firming effects. With soy protein extracts, wheat, horseradish, and chamomile blossoms, it works within seconds with long lasting effects

Do not use an ampule on the seventh day but of course continue with your regular skin care routine.   Repeat the application of the ampules as above. 


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