Why Cleansing Is Important

Why Cleansing Is Important

Cleansing is perhaps the most important aspect in your daily skin care regime, as long as you use the right products for your skin and you do not overdo it.

If you think that cleansing your face is necessary only if you are wearing make up, eye shadows or lipstick, think again. Even if you have no make-up on, you need to clean your face to remove daily dust collection and air pollution. You will be surprised as to how much dirt will be removed from an otherwise clean looking face.

Not using the right products may result in a dehydrated skin, with a tendency for peeling, and with an unbalanced pH. Just as you choose the correct cream type for your skin, the same is true for the cleansing products you use.

A rule of thumb is that is if 10-15 minutes after cleaning you face with or cleansing milk or gel and lotion,  you feel your skin overly tight or overly relaxed, then chances are that the daily cleansing products you use are not the right ones.

Do I also have to use a lotion?

Using a lotion after cleansing with milk or gel, helps to clean up any residues and impurities left over.  The most important though is that using a lotion helps to restore the skin’s ph.  So my advice to you is that yes, do use a lotion.

What happens with pimples?

Whatever you do don’t break the pimples. This is a very common mistake.  The only thing you achieve is to elongate their life cycle and intensify the bacterial action, since by breaking the pimple you inadvertently spread the bacteria.
The best and only right thing to do is to use the correct type of specialized products that will first calm and then make the pimples disappear over the course of a few days. 

Having said that, some type of skins, such as younger acne-prone skin and problematic skin may have to use such specialized products for much longer periods of time as necessary.


Let’s not forget to also clean regularly (about once a week) your make up brushes, sponges, and other items you use for your skin care regime, since these items that tend to easily collect a variety of bacteria.

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