It is Time to Put Our Masks On!

It is Time to Put Our Masks On!

Today let's talk about why masks are an important part of any skin care regime.

The use of a high quality, appropriate mask should be part of our beauty regime. That’s it. There is no room for discussion or excuses such as – it takes time, or it is a boring procedure.

Whatever the needs of our skin may be, there is an appropriate mask that will provide the optimum care that our skin needs.

The benefits to our skin are numerous, and masks provide visible effects in a short time. The only other types of products that offer greater concentrations of active substances are ampoules and serums (but we will talk about these at a later date)

As I mentioned, we have at our disposal a great selection of masks, which depending of the active ingredients they contain, offermany benefits to the skin. Masks can be creamy. In a gel, thick consistency, etc. Some masks can even be left on the skin without the need to remove them after a certain time.

My recommendation is that masks can be applied 2 or even 3 times a week. I also recommend that once a week you perform a peeling prior to placing the mask. Of course in all cases we clean our skin using a cleanser and tonic. Depending on the mask, we let it take effect for 15-20 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water.

Special Care

Problematic skin and acne prone skins have a tendency for infections and irritations and as such demands effective but gentle care. These include specialized products which contain calming, antiseptic ingredients that will eliminate irritations, and balance the skin.


Sensitive skins usually suffer from luck of moisture and elasticity. The right products should be able to stimulate the natural skin processes, balance moisture, and improve the resilience of the skin.

Anti - Aging

Something I hear often from my clients, is the wrong assumption that masks, especially those with anti-aging ingredients, are only intended for older, more mature skins. The rule is simple! If the skin has a need for the ingredients that a mask offers then there is no age classification for the mask. Of course we would not recommend a strong anti-aging mask to an 18 or 20 year old, but certainly from the age of 25 onwards there is no problem, provided that the skin has a need for special care.

There are several choices for anti-aging masks using high technology ingredients, and which combine amino acids, vitamins, proteins, collagen, hyalluronic acid, and other excellent active ingredients. Depending on the mask they offer regeneration and rejuvenation, moisture, anti toxin activity, and active ingredients which visibly diminish wrinkles or in many cases make smaller lines disappear.

Don't forget that our skin is a living organism. Do not cut corners when it comes to the care of your skin, and do not miss out in experiencing the many benefits that the use of a good mask has to offer to your skin care regime!
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