Expression Wrinkles

Expression Wrinkles

Perhaps the most asked skin care question I get from my clients and of greatest concern to most women is about wrinkles, and in particular wrinkles caused by facial expressions.  

Expression Wrinkles?

Can you imagine if every time we laughed, frowned, cried, or got angry, we would stop to think about the wrinkles they are causing? 

Expression wrinkles are those lines that appear on our skin and are caused by the contractions of the muscles.  These include the radial lines that appear on the side of our eyes when we laugh or cry, - better known as "crow's feet", also the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows when we frown,  the vertical wrinkles on the upper lip which are usually more prominent in persons that smoke – whence also known as "smoker's wrinkles", and the wrinkles that start from the two sides of the nose and ends at the sides of the lips.   All these wrinkles become increasingly more visible as times goes by and we gracefully age.  

So ….What can we do about it?

Here are some skin care tips that will help you keep expression wrinkles (and all wrinkles in general) at bay for as long as possible.


Perhaps the most important element of all is Moisturizing.

Providing essential moisturizing elements to our skin both in the morning and at night helps enormously to keep our skin soft and flexible.  This is very important so that the skin is not only able to withstand the contractions of the muscles, but also to revert back to its original  shape.   Moisturizing is an important part of the daily skin care regime because it can prevent the appearance of wrinkles but also minimize their effect once the first wrinkles appear.

Specialized Anti Wrinkle Products

These are products that usually contain substances which try to mimic the effect of Botox injections, and basically help to relax the contractions in the areas of the skin where expression wrinkles are located wrinkles.  The effect is that expression wrinkles appear less prominent.

Specialty Serums and Ampoules

Serums and especially ampoules contain high concentrations of active ingredients.  They are used directly on the area of the wrinkles, and thus are able to achieve the best possible result.  Of course serums and ampoules are always used as part of a skin care regime.  i.e. day and night care creams, masks, etc.   Usually specialized serums and ampoules work by activating the collagen and elastin production in the skin, and will also typically include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.  Therefore we have a gradual “filler” action on the wrinkles.  

Sun Screen

I can’t stress enough the importance of using high SPF sun protection every day!!!   Sun creams are not just for the days when the sun is shining.  Harmful UV rays also reach us when the weather is cloudy.  Therefore using sun cream should be the last step in your everyday skin care ritual.   As far as wrinkles, the lack of using sun protection exaggerates the appearance of wrinkles, and particular those vertical lines on the forehead between the eyebrows.
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