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  • Beauty Blog

    Beauty advice, tips, and product usage information coming to you from Xanthi - a qualified aesthetician with several years in the professional beauty field. She is a Master Trainer of Aesthetic Applications and is responsible for all aspects of training and regularly conducts training sessions for beauty professionals. these include training on specific skin care treatments, skin care treatment development, training workshops, and seminar presentations.

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  • The most important aspect of skin care

    Once is never enough! The application of a high quality, high SPF sun cream is a MUST not only during the summer, but throughout the year! The sun cream should be the last step in your skin care program, and is applied last (before applying make-up). Especially during the summer, one application is not enough! You need to have your sun cream at hand and apply it frequently during the day especially if you are out and about.

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  • It is Time to Put Our Masks On!

    The use of a high quality, appropriate  mask should be part of our beauty regime. That’s it.  Whatever the needs of our skin may be, there is an appropriate mask that will provide the optimum care that our skin needs.The benefits to our skin are numerous, and masks provide visible effects in a short time.  You have at your disposal a great selection of masks, which depending of the active ingredients they contain, offer rmany benefits to the skin.

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