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Rosa Graf Hydrogel N-Cream 75 ml - Scar Treatment

Rosa Graf Hydrogel N-Cream 75 ml - Scar Treatment

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Hydrogel N-Cream 75: Targeted Hydration for Scar Reduction

Lightweight and Fast-Absorbing: Hydrogel N-Cream 75 is a lightweight, fast-absorbing cream specifically formulated to improve the hydration and softness of scar tissue.

Targeted Ingredients:

  • Allantoin: This ingredient helps increase the skin's water-binding capacity, promoting lasting hydration.
  • Heparin: It supports healthy circulation, which can aid in the healing process.
  • Panthenol (Provitamin B5): Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, panthenol can help soothe itching associated with scar tissue regeneration.
  • Botanical Extracts:
    • Marigold: This extract is known for its soothing and potentially scar-reducing properties.
    • Arnica: This extract may help reduce inflammation and support tissue healing.
    • Onion Extract: This ingredient offers antibacterial properties.
  • Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil may stimulate circulation and potentially promote healing.

How to Use:

  1. Apply Hydrogel N-Cream 75 to the affected area several times a day.
  2. Gently massage the cream into the scar tissue.
  3. Follow with your usual day or night skincare routine.

Ideal for Acne Scars: This cream is particularly well-suited for addressing acne scars.

For Enhanced Results: Consider combining Hydrogel N-Cream 75 with the THERMO MASK (consult instructions for proper use). The THERMO MASK will help increase product absorption.



Disclaimer: While Hydrogel N-Cream 75 may improve the appearance of scars, individual results may vary.

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