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Kleraderm Glycolic Acid Cleansing Gel 200 ml

Kleraderm Glycolic Acid Cleansing Gel 200 ml

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Kleraderm Glicoderm Cleansing Gel Glycolic Acid 20% is a cleansing gel-exfoliant designed to open pores with Glycolic Acid, providing a comedolytic effect.

It cleanses the skin from dead cells, opens pores, drains sebaceous gland ducts, smoothes the skin's texture, regulates skin sebum, and brightens the complexion.

The chemical peeling exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, dissolving and lightening stagnant spots. This is an active renewing peeling suitable for oily, problematic skin with demodex. It also serves as a rejuvenating peeling for wrinkle-prone areas.

Suitable for body use, it is ideal for caring for slack and atonic body skin, reducing stretch marks with twice-weekly applications.

Active components:

Glycolic Acid (pH 4.2, AHA 20%);
Malva Extract;
Marshmallow Extract;
Wormwood Extract;
Chamomile Extract.



Professional use in beauty salons

For mechanical cleansing:

Mix the gel in a 1:1 ratio with Kleraderm Beauty Epiderm Gommage face scrub;
Apply evenly to the face, avoiding the eye area;
Cover with film and compress, leave for 15 minutes to open pores;
Remove with circular motions, rinse with warm water, and proceed to remove comedones.

Eliminates sagging and wrinkled skin;
Evens out the overall skin tone;
Removes stretch marks on the body's skin;
Provides toning, lifting, and smoothness.

Home use

As a peeling:

Apply a thin layer of Kleraderm Glicoderm Cleansing Gel to cleansed face and neck skin;
Moisturize hands, work with penetrating movements for 1-2 minutes, and rinse with warm water;  Used in body procedures as the first stage of skin cleansing.

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