Collection: Eye Care

The skin area around the eye is particularly thin and sensitive. as a result, this are starts to show signs of ageing much sooner than the rest of the face. As a primary function, eye care products provide essential hydration (moisture) and nutrition to this sensitive area, in order to fight and prevent the formation of wrinkles, black circles, and puffiness.

Wrinkles: In addition to wrinkles forming due to the ageing process, the sensitive eye area is very susceptible to exposure in the sun. The meticulous moisturization of the area helps to maintain its elasticity and youthful look.

Puffiness: These may be due to genetic factors, hormonal fluctuations, certain illnesses, or allergies. In addition the consumption of salty food and too much sleep may also be a factor.

Black circles: Again these may be due to genetic factors as well as lack of sleep, tiredness (too much computer work!) , smoking sun exposure, but also due to allergies.