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Regulating Cellulite Gel 250

Regulating Cellulite Gel 250

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Eliminate cellulite - Diminish fat!

Regulating Cellulite Gel is a tightening, regenerating care gel for the treatment and reduction of cellulite. It regulates the metabolic process through concentrates of active substances from plants, it stimulates and improves the function of the skin, and regulates the moisture requirement.of cellulite

The skin is provided with the necessary moisture and fatty substances, and if applied regularly, noticeable and visible results are achieved. Regulating Cellulite Gel is suitable for all skin types and it is allergy-tested.


Application: Regulating Cellulite Gel is applied in case of slight cellulite either mornings or evenings. In case of heavier and more distinct cellulite, it should be supplied mornings and evenings.

Main Ingredients: Natural vitamin B concentrate, aloe extract, bisabolol, white oil, menthol

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